Good and Angry

Channel 4 are currently running a series of programmes entitled ‘The Bible- a History’. I’ve managed to catch a few of the programmes and, for a number of reasons, find that they raise my blood pressure significantly (don’t worry though, Paul David Tripp says that’s ok!).

Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most is that the experts Channel 4 have chosen to use intentionally mislead the audience. In a series about the historical value of the Bible, they don’t seem to have consulted one historian who believes the Bible to be true. Those they do interview tell bare-faced lies about the Bible’s accuracy. It all makes me want to scream at the television and call everyone who works at Channel 4 an idiot (which Paul David Tripp does NOT say is ok!).

However, I need not despair, and neither should you dear reader.

There are such things as Christian Historians (which someone really should point out to Channel 4). And it just so happens that one of them, an Australian fellow by the name of John Dickson, is churning out books on this very subject like there’s no tomorrow. I recently read his book ‘The Christ Files’, which looked at all the evidence besides the Gospels that tell us that Jesus was who he said he was. 

Check out his video on the Passion for Life website, and be encouraged!


2 Responses to Good and Angry

    • lowrihafi says:

      Thanks Richard! After reading a chapter of ‘Broken Down House’ about how we mustn’t become complacent about the ungodly state of our world, and how we should feel a righteous anger when God’s rule is being ignored, I’m trying to put it into practice, without becoming one of those ranting bloggers.

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